Sunday, March 01, 2009

NY Times front page typo with an extra twist...

In a story about formerly highly paid middle class and upper middle class strivers reduced to working janitorial and phone monkey jobs, the Times reporter quotes one of them on the psychological adjustment which is just as difficult as the financial one, with their sense of identity and self-worth upended.

It has been like peeling back the lawyers of a bad onion," said Ame Arlt, 53, who recently accepted a position as a customer service representative at an online insurance-leads referral service in Franklin, Tenn., after 20 years of working in executive jobs. "With every layer you peel back, you discover something else about yourself. You have to make an adjustment."
That's in the front porch edition. It got corrected early on-line.

Just a few days ago I was assembling a pot roast with the usual complement of eight whole onions. It was surprising how many of them were bad--lawyer after stinking lawyer hiding beneath the perfectly formed and unblemished outer layer.

Enough to make you cry.

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