Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Journal Company in the tank...

Yesterday, Morningstar, was able to report on the basis of inter-day fluctuations in price, that the stock of Journal Company, (JRN)--publishers of the increasingly fetid daily Milwaukee Journal Sentinel--had shown a gain of 10%.


Then we teased out the details. After opening at just about $0.43 per share, someone bumped the price by a nickel and induced this amazing ten percent increase in valuation (not for long, though; the price then retreated to forty cents at the end of trading.

Ten percent of squat is diddly squat.

One might predict that soon Patrick McIlheran, Mabel Wong and David Haynes--right wing troika of opinion--will be looking for a rexograph or mimeo machine to put out their increasingly tone-deaf nonsense.

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