Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Criminal complicity by US Government in Honduran killings and repression...

    ...impunity, corruption and violence that have contributed to Honduras being designated the most violent country in the world by the United Nations.  Since the coup there have been hundreds of murders thought to be politically motivated. This includes 70 members of the GBLT community; at least 50 campesinos; many well known trade unionists; teachers; indigenous activists; and LIBRE members. In addition more than 20 journalists have been assassinated.   

    Just this year at least 14 people from these groups have been murdered. The Honduran government has not carried out serious investigations of the crimes.  Despite all this and in spite of 3 Congressional letters calling for an end to US military/security aid to Honduras because of the human rights emergency; in May, the U.S. authorized an additional 50 million dollars of security aid for 2012. Click for moree

Thursday, June 07, 2012

The Cuban-American community: Its future and relations with Cuba

The grip on Florida politics is slipping away from the right wing of Cuban emigres.  And they don't like it.  Their entrenched members in the leadership of Congress are struggling to maintain their hold on US foreign policy vis a vis Cuba. That privileged position is threatened; they'll try anything to prevent its loss. 
Read Progreso Seminal, simply the best on-going analysis of Cuba and the US.

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