Sunday, March 01, 2009

The proposed Pabst Farms interchange will be a huge waste of money...

It is not needed. There is plenty of access to new development at the gateway to Oconomowoc with the existing interchanges.

Click on this Aerial photograph link. When you get there, click on "satellite view," and choose "show labels". Look for the 2 interchanges--the proposed upgrade is to the one at Sawyer (Hwy P) .

Two things to note. At costlyway speeds on 1-94, the Hwy P intersection and Summit interchange are mere seconds apart, a few feet more than a mile apart.

Moreover, Hwy P already has on- and off-ramps for traffic coming from and returning to I-94 east of Oconomowoc. Turning this into a $25 million diamond interchange is unnecessary. And anyone traveling east on 94, wanting to go to Pabst Farms, Aurora Hospital or the businesses associated with PF is already perfectly well served by the existing Summit Avenue (Hwy 67) interchange.

Anyone approaching from the west would be crazy to pass Summit in order to exit at P. The hospital doesn't show on this dated photo, but is being built now near the small lake next to Summit and just south of I 94.

There was never much to be gained from the DOT construction at Sawyer Rd in the heady days when everyone predicted success for Pabst Farms and allied developments.

And there is a lot less to be gained, now.

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