Thursday, September 29, 2011

Senator Wacko

‘”I am doing this pretty early in my career. Yeah, I realize that,” said Johnson, who called himself an “impatient” legislator. “I wouldn’t look at this as a career move.  [many years ago Ron, with just two words, became a captain of industry.  Amazing what can be built from scratch by merely uttering "I do".]  I would look at it as a way I believe I can be effective and can have an impact.”
Johnson said he viewed the position as mainly a communications job, helping the GOP caucus marshal information [gibberish] and arguments [the circular kind].
“My primary goal in the first two years here is to communicate to the voters of Wisconsin, really to the voters of America, how serious our financial situation is in this country and how urgent it is we address it,” he said in an interview.
“Certainly sitting at the leadership table is going to dramatically increase my learning curve here,” said Johnson, who said his private-sector, non-Washington background would be a good addition to leadership. [Oshkosh is fundamentally a microcosm of the whole universe]   “I do believe I bring a valuable personal perspective, particularly from a communication standpoint.  I’ve been the audience for what comes out of Washington for 31 years.  I hear things differently."  [and I occasionally have visions].     MJS   September 30, 2011

I'd bet the GOP Caucus is going to ease Ron down a bit from his hallucinations.  They'll likely suggest a more behind-the-scenes communications, private-sector, non-Washington background, career path in the Senate.  In the land 'o crocodiles, the impatient barge into the middle of things and the crocs do what crocs have always done.

Rejection might impel him to start mulling a flying hop into the mosh pit of Iowa caucuses.

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