Saturday, September 17, 2011

Between the Illusory Tenant and Dahlia Lithwick, I think emigre Canadians are miles ahead of most local thinkers...


Republicans like Rick Perry are skeptical of everything the government does—except when it executes people.

Either you believe in government or you don't.
The current field of Republican contenders for president are hard at work to prove they don't. The best government, they insist, will leave you alone to repair your own ruptured kidney while your neighbors bring you casseroles and cigarettes. In recent weeks, leading Republicans have made plain they don't believe in government-run health care (lo, even unto death). They don't believe in inoculating children again HPV (lo, even unto death). They don't believe in government-run disaster relief (ditto, re death), the minimum wage, Social Security, or the Federal Reserve. There is nothing, it seems—from protecting civil rights to safeguarding the environment—that big government bureaucracies can't foul up.

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Anonymous said...

"Either you believe in government or you don't. "

So you don't believe there is a middle ground? Interesting. If you believe in government so much, try living in Cuba now, before it too goes capitalist.

Jim Bouman said...

I'm guessing that you have no first-hand information on Cuba. I do. I go there often, like the experience. We're leaving in three weeks for a nice vacation. You could experience some things that I guarantee will be surprising, specifically the sheer un-likeliness of Cuba "going capitalist" anytime soon.

You can still get tickets/travel assistance (Canad-based) for the Havana International Jazz Festival at

We'll be at the Hotel Nacional. Call when you arrive and we'll have a Bucanero or two. www.cerveceriabucanero
.com/english.php. But you'll have to lose your timidity about attaching a name to your opinions.

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