Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Giant Puffball. Is there a consulting mycologist out there?

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Dave Wagner--"Wags"--moved off to Arizona decades back. He was my authoritative source for mushroom advice. It was "eat" or "don't eat". Never a hint of equivocation.

This is the 44 Oz, Slurpee of mushrooms. Found it on the edge of an old railroad right-of-way this morning. Took a bit of bushwhacking to get to it, as it was down a slippery slope covered with thorny brush in a thicket that allowed for no sunlight. There it was, glowing like last night's waxing gibbous moon.

I think it is safe. Wonder whether it'll be tasty as a pot of mushroom soup.

UPDATE:  Consensus mycologist/gourmand opinion is that bigger is seldom better.  Edible is not equal to tasty.  It might or might not improve the compost pile.  We shall see.

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