Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Perhaps the Waukesha Freeman pays by the word. Or, maybe it's a copy-editing lapse. Probably just a big hiring mistake.

Waukesha man, 18, charged with bail jumping

Complaint: Teen allegedly created disturbance at police station

By Sarah Millard Freeman Staff

WAUKESHA – An 18-yearold Waukesha man was charged Monday with felony bail jumping and misdemeanor disorderly conduct after an alleged altercation ended at the Waukesha Police Department Friday night, according to a criminal complaint.

Devin R. Fehrman was released from the Waukesha County Jail on $500 bail Monday. He is ordered to have no contact with any of the witnesses or alleged victims listed in the criminal complaint.

The alleged victim came into the front lobby of the Waukesha Police Department at about 8:45 p.m. Friday and told police Fehrman assaulted him because the alleged victim had taken a truck light from Fehrman, according to the criminal complaint.

The alleged victim told police that Fehrman and he were meeting at Summit View Elementary School to return the light, according to the criminal complaint.

While the alleged victim, who appeared “somewhat distressed,” was telling police about the incident, Fehrman arrived at the police department, according to the complaint.

“When Fehrman opened the first entry door into the breezeway of the lobby, he immediately appeared very agitated,” the complaint states. “Fehrman then opened the second door into the main lobby and started yelling at (the alleged victim), stating something to the effect that he didn’t ‘(explective) break into his house.’”

Fehrman allegedly was instructed by a police officer to get back and go outside the lobby, but Fehrman allegedly ignored the commands, according to the complaint.

The complaint further alleges the officer became concerned Fehrman would assault the alleged victim and because Fehrman allegedly was not obeying commands, the officer physically grabbed Fehrman’s jacket and pushed him out the front doors. The officer then called for back up, according to the complaint.

Fehrman allegedly told police that while he was meeting the alleged victim at the school, his arm became trapped after the alleged victim rolled up his window to his vehicle. Fehrman allegedly told police the alleged victim then began driving, dragging Fehrman until he was able to free himself, according to the complaint.

Police allegedly did not notice any injuries on Fehrman’s body that suggested he had been dragged by a vehicle, according to the complaint.

Fehrman allegedly also told police he did not use profane language at the police department and was not belligerent. Fehrman allegedly did tell police he was mad and as soon as he entered the department, the officer grabbed him and sat him down onto the floor between the two doors, according to the complaint.

Fehrman also is charged with child abuse from an alleged July 22 altercation. A 14-year-old boy allegedly told police Fehrman had hit him with a shovel, according to a criminal complaint.

Fehrman additionally is charged with felony bail jumping from an alleged Nov. 1 incident."


Anonymous said...

How would the proverbial 8th Grade English teacher grade this Freeman story? The answer of course is that he wouldn't. He would more likely offer her a job writing the application to divert Lake Michigan water.

オテモヤン said...
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Anonymous said...

Devin Fehrman was found Guilty of intentional abuse to a child. He did assult a child with a shovel. He will be sentenced May 10th for that and for many of the other charges he has pending against him. He also has two accumulated a driveing without a dl and felony hit and run and 2 counts of Great bodily injury. This is a person the communtiy needs to be aware of.

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