Sunday, February 07, 2010

Johnny Dankworth

LONDON (Reuters) - Saxophonist Sir John Dankworth, one of the leading figures in British jazz for more than half a century, has died, his agent said Sunday. He was 82.

He and Cleo Laine played Milwaukee every year for a stretch in the mid-70s into the 80s. Always filled the Hall--Uihlein Hall. She was the headliner, but their show was like few other collaborations.

Cleo sang a capella this smidgen of a Sctottish folk tune between numbers:
I know where I'm going
And I know who's going with me
I know who I love
And my dear knows who I'll marry.

Some say that he's poor
But I say that he's bonnie
Fairest of them all
Is my handsome winsome Johnny.


missingsathergate said...

Water blogger, where are you? Lots of Waukesha Water events occurring. Great need for your comments.

Jim Bouman said...

Thanks for asking.
ER...Appendectomy...out of hospital in 24 hous...slow recovery...stopped recovery...ever bigger bellyache....More ER....XRay.. ..CT...biggest bellyache ever.. ..OR.....five days in hospital.

Currently hobbling around with a series of shunts and drains for the outgoing and other tubes to send in the pharmacopoeia.

As for the water issue: Both candidates are miles off the real issues. Press is an interesting combination of supine and stupid.

But, I've other things to bellyache about.

Good luck to all.

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