Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pentagon explains why they keep going to the poisoned well...

Josh Marshall at TPM discovered that Laurie Mylroie, wacko conspiracy theorist who connected Saddam Heussein to virtually every terrorist attack against since the '93 World Traded Center bombing, has been writing analytic pieces for the Department of Defense, as late as Oct., 2007.
....about the selection process for ONA researchers, a DOD spokesperson said in a statement:
"All aspects of researchers and research institutions are considered, with an 
emphasis on obtaining the widest range of possible intellectual approaches in order to provide a fully balanced approach to the analysis of future developments."

And how did the Pentagon use Mylroie's Iraq reports? Says DOD: "These reports were part of a multi-scope research effort to identify the widest possible range of analysts whose expertise was likely to generate insights and concepts which would contribute to Net Assessments on-going work to develop and refine trends, risks, and opportunities which will shape future (2020) national security environments."

Don't ya just love that special brand of rarefied Pentagon bafflegab bullshit?

It is time to begin cost cutting in the Pentagon. Re-assign thousands of careerist wimps whose reason for existence is to get serial desk jockey promotions leading to retirement gigs in the right wing think tanks and with weapons contractors.

Makes you wonder what Judy Miller is up to these days. Probably the same kind of honest work her pal, Laurie, is doing.

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