Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freeman columnist 'splains it all.

Some show Courage; others are into Betrayal

Mark Belling, this AM in Waukesha:
.... Two local politicians are currently sticking their necks out. The stance of one is principled and correct while the other is again proving herself to be a political moonbat.

...Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker is saying he doesn’t want the money. How out of sync is Walker? He’s the lone hog in the back of the barn while all the other pigs are battling for position at the feeding trough.

It is terribly obvious the Obama plan will put fortunes in the hands of poverty pimps, political hustlers, grubby contractors and anybody else with a political pal.... But Walker realizes the federal money is a one-time thing.... Walker is saying he’ll only take money that requires no local match and no local operating costs. I haven’t found a single other politician in Wisconsin recognizing that the federal stimulus money will create massive new local spending.

In the meantime, Milwaukee Congresswoman Gwen Moore was on the losing side of a 390-5 vote in the U.S. House affirming Israel’s right to defend itself in Gaza. How far out in crackpot field is Moore? Consider the other four “no” votes: Ron Paul, the token Republican terror sympathizer, Maxine Waters, the Californian who oozes niceties about Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, Dennis Kucinich, the Democratic peacenik even lefties are embarrassed by and somebody named Rahall.

The non-binding resolution passed unanimously in the U.S. Senate with even ultra-liberals like Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold voting for it. Moore is way out on the fringe on this one. Aside from Moore’s apparent belief that Israelis should have to suffer through daily bombings from Palestinians who think all Jews should die, her position is a betrayal of the many prominent Milwaukee Jews who have contributed heavily to her political fund. [emphasis added]

The jury is out on how Obama will respond to the Islamist terror threat but it’s fairly apparent that the jihadists have a dear friend in Gwen Moore.
This guy isn't just wrong...He's bent.

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Unknown said...

phew, you have to admit, the mental contortions he's gotta go through to come to such back-assward conclusions are impressive.

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