Sunday, March 30, 2008

The power of a letter to a member of the WMC Board...

...I believe it is important to share with you that, for personal and philosophical reasons, I have resigned my seat as a member of the WMC Board of Directors.

David Wittwer,
President and CEO

Two weeks ago I wrote in this blog that I was ready to dump a long and happy business relationship with TDS Metrocom (phone and DSL internet connection) because I choose not to do business with a member of the board of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

Here's the response from TDS President and Chief Executive Officer, David Wittwer. Click to enlarge

I am sticking with TDS. Wittwer's resignation and plea to retain my business speak eloquently of the influence we have with our consumer choices.

I'm really happy to remain a customer, in touch with the TDS staff and professionals who have provided great service over the years. And my opinion of Wittwer is up more than a few notches--he operates a good business that provides really good service and he is personally pragmatic.


Anonymous said...

you are a thug.

Jim Bouman said...

Why, thank you.

You, on the other hand, would seem to be a no-name nobody, with no ideas, but notably attached to the nana-nana boo-boo school of debate and public discourse.

Flail away, Sluggo.

Anonymous said...

A thug? A rough, brutal hoodlum, gangster, robber? When you mean to insult someone by calling them a name, you should probably consult your dictionary first. Nothing worse that an insult that only confuses its intended audience.

I thought Mr. Bouman's letter to TDS was well-written and polite. He has every right to decide which companies to support with his hard-earned money--that's the really, really, really free market working its magic, is it not?

Why give your money to a corporation that uses your money to work against your own best interests? Now that would be stupid!

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