Monday, August 06, 2012

One big new reason to despise the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"New Berlin school custodial workers swept out in budget move."

The stinking rag that wants us to buy what they are selling chose to put this nifty headline on a suburban edition news story about a group of workers being fired and replaced by low-paid contract workers.

Ok. New Berlin school board members certainly had the go-ahead from Act 10 to do it.  I'm sure many of them are damn proud of it. And it's is done.

But, did the MJS absolutely have to put a smart-ass headline on it. "Sweep 'em out" like so much trash.  Nominate that copy editor for another Pulitzer.

I'm actually surprised that they rejected using a more hard-hitting image of  flushing them out.

The sooner the stinking daily rag goes out of business, the better this community will be.

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Voices Newspaper Blog said...

We've blogged a bunch about the Walker's biggest propaganda rag -- no one is more responsible for fraudulently hoisting this deceiver in chief on unsuspecting Badger State residence.

I saw that headline, looked twice, and didn't give it much though other than it was thoughtless of them to do -- we are talking people's lives and likely the ability of some to support their families.

Sadly, they will not go out of business cuz they are propped up by other Journal Communications assets -- I imagine a sharp accountant could show how the losses on the paper are used to show higher profits elsewhere.

In any case -- Milwaukee's daily newspaper, squawk radio (leading one I might ad), and TEE-VEE nooooooze exploits hate for their hometown as part of their business model.

While they deny it -- this is one company and each arm of it disseminates propaganda for walker and repug interests -- but they do it in different ways, some subtle, some totally in your face.

Please keep pointing out the media failures and propaganda you see -- ultimately, there is no path to meaningful change until we have a robust dialog about the media and how these assets no longer serve as information/entertainment business models supported by advertising.

Journal Communications, at all levels, has decide their media assets are worth more as propaganda vehicles.

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