Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Two cents....

I work at suppressing schadenfreude. It's not healthy; it's undignified; it leads to all kinds of bilious eruptions.

And, just this once, McBride gave me a reason to keep stuffing my instinctive reaction, a reason to think at least neutral thoughts.

Three weeks ago, on the fetid opinion pages of the Waukesha Freeman, Jessica McBride wrote a long opinion titled "Where's the harm in gay marriage?". It was--for her--an uncommonly thoughtful and persuasive piece, certainly not what I would expect on that page, nor from that columnist. From a fire-breathing right winger it made for a mild challenge to the thinking of her claque.

And, it definitely tended to humanize someone whose profile has been decidedly one-dimensional.

Now, back to work. Nobody ever said that resisting schadenfreude is easy.


James Wigderson said...

That's "fĂȘted".

GrannyB said...

no, "fetid" is correct. It stinks. The Freeman is noted for holding 55% more fish offal than any other fishwrap in the County.

Jim Bouman said...

Wiggy, all depends on whether you're looking outward from the page or looking in.


Thanks for the fishwrap info, Granny. I use MJS exclusively for fishwrap, though Freeman pulp may serve just as well. The MJS occasionally delivers free issues in a vain attempt to get me to subscribe. That's how I come to have it in the house. I certainly wouldn't pay for it.

I didn't see your comments until today. Just back from a month-long trip to the Caribbean to mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.

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