Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Changes at Pabst Farms

Here's two photos I took in February, '08, showing--predictably--that things were pretty slow out at the development next to the Interstate.

Anyone wise to real estate and development knows that people don't get into the lot-buying and house-building spirit until Spring.

Surely things would be different when the weather turned warm...

So, now that it's warm and getting toward the end of Summer...things are different....These photos below were taken yesterday.

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Top, Lake country Village. The other one is Interlaken, taken in the exact same spots as the previous ones. Beautiful sunny late Summer day.

Growth is bursting out all over. It's gonna be a big year at Pabst Farms, a growth year.

The growth of corn, the growth of soybeans.

Those self-mocking "Coming Soon..." signs have disappeared.

My guess? These development pipe dreams have evaporated. Soon the people of Cooney will begin to wonder when the TIF money will be paid back.

No, Thursday's Out. How about never....?

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