Saturday, March 15, 2008

Use economic clout to hammer the arrogant Directors of WMC

Jim Rowen at Political Environment as well as the Illusory Tenant and Plaisted Writes have been focused on the bizarre Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce (WMC) efforts to insure the election of a strange right wing bird to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Good work. This utterly cluesess waterboy for the fat cats, Michael Gableman, is an talentless, undistinguished lackluster, lightweight leaker being promoted by a collection of extraordinarily lackluster, lightweight leakers from the big bux lobby for Wisconsin Business and Industry.

In the midst of a Political Environment comments discussion of WMC on 3.11.08, a poster provided a list of the directors of WMC. I should have looked them up months ago. I found the President of TDS Telecommunications listed there--David Wittwer.

Hey, I send Wittwer $70 a month.

I wrote him a letter. I told him that I had nothing but appreciation for the superb service received from people in his employ over the past five years, as they helped me with Internet DSL service and occasional problems, telephone service, billing questions.

Then, I told Wittwer I was dumping his company ASAP. The Reason? HIS involvement as a member of the decision-making body of the WMC.

I gave him the details:

1. The WMC involvement in mindless sabotage of the Great Lakes Compact.

2. The WMC backing of ethically-challenged Annette Ziegler for Supreme Court.

3. The backing by WMC of the useful idiot, Michael Gableman for Supreme Court.

I may or may not hear from Wittwer. But--and I'm speculating, here--IF a significant number of his Wisconsin customers tell him directly that his backing of retrograde candidates and policies in Wisconsin political life will be met with a revenue and public relations hit for him and his company, he might begin to get a message.

Anyone out there using TDS?

Consider the possibilities in sending Wittwer a cancellation notice that connects directly to his WMC activities. Let's begin to use our consumer clout to counter the big bux arrogance of WMC.

If you do not have a TDS connection, look for other WMC Board members—bankers, publishers, etc., anyone who wants to sell you a product or service—who may be susceptible to economic leverage from customers who will cancel orders and services in the face of WMC actions that show contempt for environment , justice, working class incomes, savings and investment, etc. You can also get the list of WMC Directors in the comments after the Political Environment post on March 11.

P.S. My personal regrets to all of the really great TDS employees who have labored to give me an outstanding level of service for the past five years. This is entirely due to the stupid, backward-looking, dishonest meddling in Wisconsin's political life by the TDS President and CEO, their employer, David Wittwer, elected member of the Board of Directors of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.


Anonymous said...

how about:

William R. Bertha, President-Wisconsin Market
U.S. Bank, Milwaukee

Cory Liebmann said...

The Institute for One Wisconsin, an affiliated org with One Wisconsin Now,will be launching on monday. Take a sneak peek at what we hope will be a one stop shop on WMC and their activities.

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