Sunday, March 30, 2008

Barbara Fischer, Ed.D., A.B.D., Pimentel's certified no-brainer, is back on the Journal Sentinel Opinion page...

I just randomly grabbed this little chunk of it. You really must go to the source to fully appreciate the stream of (un)consciousness style of the person who sat at a keyboard and pecked away, the Chairman of the Department of Business and Economics at Cardinal Stritch University.

I have news for many of you: The monopolist cannot hide from the laws of supply and demand.

Consider We Energies. If it charged $50,000 per month for energy use, we would have millions of frozen Wisconsinites and/or we'd find alternative sources of energy and/or move. In any event, We Energies would find itself with no customers, which would be cutting off its nose to spite its face. This obviously is an extreme example; however, it makes my point.

As Truman Capote said of Kerouac: "That is not writing. That's typing."

Ricardo Pimentel is the Editor of the Editorial and Opinion pages. The repeated appearances of this clownish nonsense reflects on him and the other editors. The lines of editorial control appear to reach down through the Editorial Board and Pimentel to an assistant editor for commentary.

I'm guessing that would be Mabel Wong, Perspectives Editor. If there is indeed an editor, why is there no editing in evidence?

Can this rag, the Journal Sentinel, sink any lower?


Xoff said...

The column itself is nothing but an anti-union rant.

Organizing a union doesn't give anyone a monopoly. It gives them a right to bargain collectively. WEAC, her target, doesn't even represent all of the public school teachers in the state.

Not only the JS, but any college that employes her should be embarrassed that Fischer doesn't know the first thing about teachers unions.

Xoff said...

Oops -- employs.

Ungrateful Peasant said...

With her breathy flutterings about the glories of Capitalism, Fisher seems to be angling for a high-level corporate post (or lobbyist gig at WMC ??) or else she thinks she's the reincarnation of Ayn Rand.

In previous columns, Fisher has credited The (Omnipotent) Corporations as being the source of all jobs and the engine of the economy. Well, how does she think Corporations obtain profits to pay all these ungrateful Little People?
1. Corporations sell their products and services to people, sometimes the very same ones who work in the factories making products or in the office towers providing services. (think Henry Ford, not Ken Lay.) 2. Profits are made as Corporations have always made profits--on the backs of laborers, by paying employees less than what the products or services are sold for. Whallah! Profit! (Or by extracting and packaging natural resources which are "free", employing serfs to do the extracting/packaging and paying them less, etc. But this is another post.)

Anonymous said...

Exactly how are xoff and ungrateful peasant refuting what she wrote in the editorial? WEAC is obviously a monopoly as far as public teachers go in Wisconsin. What other entity has such an influence on our educational system? That's why my children go to a private school. Ungrateful peasant, what is wrong with profit? Should every business sell things at cost? Why don't you open your own business and sell things at cost? Imagine the sales volume you'd have! You could beat the (omnipotent) corporations at their own game. Going back to her editorial, please say something, anything, that can refute what she wrote.

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